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Emerging Technology

Getting the balance right: 3000K v 4000K LED street lighting

There has been much debate internationally about whether new LED street lights with a colour temperature (CT) of 3000K (Kelvin) provide...

A bright future: how smart LED lighting is being innovated in...

From improving civic safety to lowering emissions, the adoption of smart LED lighting in Australian cities has a host of benefits and...

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Why IPWEA is building education pathways in Asset Management

How the IPWEA is building new education pathways for members to better work in local government settings

Insight and predictions from Infrastructure Australia CEO Romilly Madew

When Romilly Madew took on the top job at Infrastructure Australia (IA) in April 2019, Australia’s economy was relatively stable, if sluggish,...

Engineering a bright future: Young IPWEA member Clarissa Campbell

Women in engineering: How Young IPWEA member Clarissa Campbell has built her career

IPWEA member profile: City of Monash fleet manager Derek Naylor

COVID-19 has made living and working in Melbourne difficult for everyone, regardless of their industry. But it’s been particularly challenging for those...

Industry News

The importance of adopting a broad-based approach to plant selection criteria

Applying appropriate plant selection criteria weightings makes the task of fleet selection easier for busy managers.

Council says predictive modelling essential when setting asset targets

Predictive modelling is making the task of setting asset renewal targets more of a science than an art for Melton City...

Uniform spatial datasets are key to smart urban planning

Planners developing spatial data platforms to advance its role in integrated urban planning.

Doubts remain about the safety of turning waste into energy

Are waste-to-energy plants a safe way to dispose of waste?

Infrastructure managers power up drones to save time and money

Once considered toys, drones are indispensable tools for infrastructure staff to manage assets.