Asset Management

The infrastructure projects that will benefit from the Brisbane Olympics

Brisbane’s winning bid for the 2032 Olympic Games is good news for all of South-East Queensland, says a leading researcher, with new and upgraded infrastructure...

Fleet Management

Emerging Technology

IPWEA CEO David Jenkins: Automated asset tracking technology saving time and...

The emergence of new technologies is changing the face of asset management in construction – and further adoption is crucial for increased productivity. 

How to use asset tracking to improve infrastructure maintenance

Often an under-utilised resource, asset tracking should be a key component of an organisation’s management strategy, providing benefits for cost, efficiency and...

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IPWEA CEO David Jenkins: The many benefits of hiring fully accredited staff

It goes without saying that properly trained staff can improve the productivity of any organisation. However, when it comes to public works, the benefits of assembling a trained workforce extend far beyond...

Problem solver: Komatsu’s Dean Gaedtke

Dean Gaedtke has always been drawn to solving problems. “I’m a mechanic by trade,” says Komatsu’s Executive General Manager for Construction. “One of the things...

IPWEA profile: Austroads CEO Dr Geoff Allan

Dr Geoff Allan’s career stands at what he calls the intersection between what he’s good at and what he knows well. With...

A duty of care: Leading Dutch civil manager Pieter Wiekeraad

Pieter Wiekeraad’s civil management career has been shaped by the urban planning and economic development projects he has worked on in places as varied as Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and Asia.  

Industry News

Electric vehicle wireless-charging technology sparks moves in US and New Zealand

Michigan is set to develop the first wireless-charging pilot program in the US. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced a plan...

What ancient cities can teach us about surviving climate change

A new study examining the fate of ancient Khmer and Mayan cities that collapsed in periods of intense climate variability warns...

US rethinks fire-management strategies following two years of catastrophic fires

In the wake of successive catastrophic fire seasons, US authorities are considering new strategies in fire management. Forest fires in the...

China’s global infrastructure push puts nature and Indigenous communities at risk

More than 60 per cent of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) development projects present some risk to wildlife or Indigenous...

New Zealand to fund projects diverting construction waste from landfill

The New Zealand Government is funding a series of initiatives to reduce waste from construction and demolition through its Waste Minimisation Fund.