Asset Management

Are spreadsheets sabotaging your asset management?

If you’re still using spreadsheets for asset management, have you stopped to ask yourself why? Is it because they're easy to use...

Fleet Management

Emerging Technology

How smart technologies are revolutionising car parks

Smart parking solutions are being integrated into cities to save drivers time and money make it easier for organisation to capture data

How the IoT can improve infrastructure management and performance

We know that reliable information guides decisions and saves money, which is why, thanks to improvements in technology and the IoT, data...

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Engineering a bright future: Young IPWEA member Clarissa Campbell

Women in engineering: How Young IPWEA member Clarissa Campbell has built her career

IPWEA member profile: City of Canterbury Bankstown Executive Manager, William Barton

How building makeshift dams led to a successful engineering career for IPWEA member William Barton

Why education will be the path to success in 2021

IPWEA says there has never been a more important time for professionals who deliver public works services to undertake training

IPWEA is here to help as national mandatory registration for engineers looms

Why Victorian engineers should prepare for a new reality: mandatory registration

Industry News

How smart street furniture is reshaping our cities

Smart street furniture improves accessibility and connectivity in our cities, but important questions about data access and security remain unanswered.

How road surfaces can help cut heat and greenhouse gas emissions

Choosing the right kind of road surface significantly reduces air temperatures and helps cut greenhouse gas emissions, a study has found.

Smart technology to help cut traffic congestion and city travelling times

A world-first project using artificial intelligence to help ease traffic congestion and reduce commute times in major cities could be available...

Water security: How to avoid another Day Zero disaster in South...

Water security remains a crucial issue in South Africa despite a period of high rainfall, says a water security expert.

Overseas skilled workers needed, says road and rail bosses

The lack of skilled workers from overseas threatens the delivery of major transport infrastructure projects in Australia, warn two of the...