Asset Management

Why it’s important to have good asset and financial management planning

An asset management plan is important for communication and transparency in an organisation’s decision-making, says IPWEA's Allen Mapstone

Fleet Management

Emerging Technology

Introduction to Automated Vehicles

IPWEA Australasia President Rita Excell was recently invited to present in an American Public Works Association webinar on Automated Vehicles.

How the IoT can improve infrastructure management and performance

We know that reliable information guides decisions and saves money, which is why, thanks to improvements in technology and the IoT, data...

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Scholarship Support for Women in the Engineering and Construction Sector

For more than 16 years Women & Leadership Australia has been developing female leadership and supporting the presence of women in business...

Why education will be the path to success in 2021

IPWEA says there has never been a more important time for professionals who deliver public works services to undertake training

The power of positive transformation: Infrastructure strategist Don Sun

With an extensive background in operations improvement, Don Sun’s entry into asset management five years ago as Operations Strategist for the City...

Coffee Cup Challenge: how engineering mentoring works both ways

In skill development, leadership lessons and career advice, young engineers benefit hugely from mentorships programs such as YIPWEA’s Coffee Cup Challenge.

Industry News

What we learned from the blocked Suez Canal crisis

On March 23, high winds blew the Ever Given off course as it passed through the Suez Canal, one of the world’s...

Researchers develop next-gen concrete to reduce global emissions

Engineers at the University of Michigan (UM) are developing innovative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of cement and concrete.

Advanced recycling plan signals another path towards reducing soft plastics waste

A consortium of companies has taken the first step in developing a sustainable soft plastics recycling industry in Australia. Coles, Nestlé, technology...

Record number of proposals added to 2021 Infrastructure Priority List

Regional development emerged as a key focus of the 2021 Infrastructure Priority List released by Infrastructure Australia in February. More than half of...

How organisations can ensure the safety of asset tracking software

The emergence of software, including apps, has made asset tracking easier and more accurate than ever. It has proven a boon to...