Asset Management

Why IPWEA’s IIMM e-book is faster, easier and more efficient

IPWEA has launched its globally acclaimed International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) in a comprehensive online program. The IIMM E-Book provides members with...

Fleet Management

Emerging Technology

Introduction to Automated Vehicles

IPWEA Australasia President Rita Excell was recently invited to present in an American Public Works Association webinar on Automated Vehicles.

How smart technologies are revolutionising car parks

Smart parking solutions are being integrated into cities to save drivers time and money make it easier for organisation to capture data

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IPWEA member profile: City of Monash fleet manager Derek Naylor

COVID-19 has made living and working in Melbourne difficult for everyone, regardless of their industry. But it’s been particularly challenging for those...

IPWEA profile: Austroads CEO Dr Geoff Allan

Dr Geoff Allan’s career stands at what he calls the intersection between what he’s good at and what he knows well. With...

IPWEA member profile: City of Canterbury Bankstown Executive Manager, William Barton

How building makeshift dams led to a successful engineering career for IPWEA member William Barton

Insight and predictions from Infrastructure Australia CEO Romilly Madew

When Romilly Madew took on the top job at Infrastructure Australia (IA) in April 2019, Australia’s economy was relatively stable, if sluggish,...

Industry News

New Zealand must reduce emissions by 60 per cent to meet...

New Zealand’s transport sector must decarbonise by 2030 if the country is to meet the Paris Agreement target to limit warming to 1.5 degrees

Why are we seeing more sinkholes across the globe?

Sinkholes can appear without warning, endangering people and property and posing a challenge for engineers, particularly in urban environments

Global communities rewarded for being smart and sustainable

Eight locations in Canada and four in Australia have been named SMART21 Communities of 2021 by the global Intelligent Community Forum

US infrastructure plan targets transport, climate change and affordable housing

US plan makes addressing climate change a priority, with billions earmarked to improve infrastructure resilience and climate science research

What we learned from the blocked Suez Canal crisis

On March 23, high winds blew the Ever Given off course as it passed through the Suez Canal, one of the world’s...