Asset Management

Opinion: Why the new IIMM is your essential companion for 2021

Coronavirus uncertainty, stimulus spending, climate change... The year ahead for public works engineers promises to be eventful, to say the least.

Fleet Management

Emerging Technology

City of Palmerston ‘Makes the Switch’ across its lighting network with...

The City of Palmerston, located just outside Darwin in the Northern Territory, is the first council in Australia to make the switch...

How the IoT can improve infrastructure management and performance

We know that reliable information guides decisions and saves money, which is why, thanks to improvements in technology and the IoT, data...

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Coffee Cup Challenge: how engineering mentoring works both ways

In skill development, leadership lessons and career advice, young engineers benefit hugely from mentorships programs such as YIPWEA’s Coffee Cup Challenge.

IPWEA member profile: City of Canterbury Bankstown Executive Manager, William Barton

How building makeshift dams led to a successful engineering career for IPWEA member William Barton

IPWEA is here to help as national mandatory registration for engineers looms

Why Victorian engineers should prepare for a new reality: mandatory registration

Why IPWEA is building education pathways in Asset Management

How the IPWEA is building new education pathways for members to better work in local government settings

Industry News

How organisations can ensure the safety of asset tracking software

The emergence of software, including apps, has made asset tracking easier and more accurate than ever. It has proven a boon to...

Tips for building managers on encouraging tenants to recycle

While more people are living in apartments than ever before, getting them to use recycling services can prove to be challenging. A...

Five steps on the path to effective parks management

Municipal councils often have park space and infrastructure they can’t afford to maintain and keep in the long term. By prioritising service...

City of Sydney equips entire fleet with advanced GPS trackers

Each of the 340 assets in the City of Sydney’s vehicle fleet – from 23-tonne garbage collection trucks to lightweight electric cars...

Woolworths aims to be ‘emissions positive’ by 2050

Big business is increasingly aware that its customers demand meaningful action on climate change. Woolworths has answered the call with plans to...