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Australians ready to embrace electric cars and want their pollies to back the switch: Poll


Originally published by the Electric Vehicle Council, 7 October 2021

A majority of Australians are ready to get behind the wheel of an electric car and want their governments to back the switch, according to an exclusive new poll of over 3000 car buyers.

The poll was created by the Electric Vehicle Council and conducted via leading car sale and review website carsales.com.au during July.

Key findings from survey respondents include:

  • 54 per cent would consider purchasing an electric vehicle as their next car
  • 49 per cent see themselves driving an electric vehicle in 2030
  • 40 per cent would be encouraged to purchase an electric vehicle if government subsidies were available to assist with the initial purchase cost
  • 50 per cent would pay more for an equivalent electric vehicle compare to petrol/diesel
  • 92 per cent agreed public charging infrastructure was important in encouraging them to buy an electric vehicle
  • 55 per cent indicated they would power their electric vehicle via solar panels

The main factors encouraging purchase of an EV are running and maintenance costs, safety features, driving performance, and environmental footprint. The leading factors discouraging purchase are purchase costs compared to petrol and current accessibility of charging infrastructure.

“Australians are now well and truly ready to go electric,” said Electric Vehicle Council chief executive Behyad Jafari.

“This survey shows we understand the personal benefits and we’re also ready to start contributing to the societal advantages of the electric transition – like lower carbon emissions, increased fuel security, and cleaner air.

“What this survey also demonstrates is Australians are well out ahead of their government when it comes to electric vehicle attitudes.

“Half the population now see themselves behind the wheel of an electric car by 2030. But they are frustrated by Australian policies that mean that many of the best affordable EV models don’t make it to our shores.

“The politics on EVs has shifted massively in a short period of time, and politicians should ensure they don’t get stuck in the past. Australians now recognise the abundant advantages of driving an electric car. Their remaining hesitancy is about the support they are getting to make the switch.

“If the Australian Government starts introducing policies to encourage EV take up, similar to those in the UK, those policies will be met with overwhelming support from drivers and the broader electorate.”

carsales GM Customer Advocacy and Research, Deb Heaphy added: “We have conducted comprehensive EV studies this year and what we are seeing is great news for new EV-centric brands coming to Australia – consumers are not only open to influence but are ready to buy an EV.

“Our recent survey shows that 54 per cent of respondents would consider purchasing an electric vehicle as their next car, and 51 per cent of those who currently own a petrol/diesel vehicle would consider buying an EV as their next car purchase.”

The Electric Vehicle Council has granted permission to IPWEA Fleet to republish this article. The original article can be viewed at the following link.

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