NATSPEC for a sustainable future: Q&A with Richard Choy

We recently sat down with Richard Choy, CEO at NATSPEC to find out more about the important projects NATSPEC are involved in,...

Leading public works mover and shaker: Sanne Hieltjes Profile

Sanne Hieltjes epitomises the saying “from humble beginnings to lofty heights”. Having grown up in a town with just 55,000 people in...

The power of positive transformation: Infrastructure strategist Don Sun

With an extensive background in operations improvement, Don Sun’s entry into asset management five years ago as Operations Strategist for the City...

APWA CEO Scott Grayson profile: How to make the most of your assets

Unique background invaluable for APWA CEO Scott Grayson.

Engineering leader Chris Haskas shows the value of continuing in education

A commitment to the discipline of engineering and lifelong learning has put Chris Haskas on a path of leadership.

Insight and predictions from Infrastructure Australia CEO Romilly Madew

When Romilly Madew took on the top job at Infrastructure Australia (IA) in April 2019, Australia’s economy was relatively stable, if sluggish,...

Why education will be the path to success in 2021

IPWEA says there has never been a more important time for professionals who deliver public works services to undertake training

Why IPWEA is building education pathways in Asset Management

How the IPWEA is building new education pathways for members to better work in local government settings

IPWEA member profile: City of Canterbury Bankstown Executive Manager, William Barton

How building makeshift dams led to a successful engineering career for IPWEA member William Barton

IPWEA member profile: City of Monash fleet manager Derek Naylor

COVID-19 has made living and working in Melbourne difficult for everyone, regardless of their industry. But it’s been particularly challenging for those...

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