IPWC Sponsored Article: Advantages of Trenchless Cured in Place Pipe Relining (CIPP)

Replacing sewer and storm-water underground pipes can be an expensive nightmare when done the old-fashioned way! Digging trenches, removing old pipes, and...
Image of an indoor swimming pool

Refurbishing Memorial Pools with Modular Technology

Modular stainless-steel technology is helping local councils save time and money in refurbishing many memorial pools...

IPWC Sponsored Article: SHEPHERD Takes Unsealed Roads Management Online with Rockhampton Regional Council

In recent years, the roads management team at Rockhampton Regional Council has adopted a proactive approach to maintaining the region’s unsealed roads...

5 Achievable New Years Resolutions

What a year! Can you believe 2021 is here? We can’t! As we reflect on 2020 and all...

Nine big life insurance myths busted

Fully underwritten life insurance can bring an added degree of financial security and peace of mind into your life.

How recycled road base is being used in Australian construction

Australia’s local governments are becoming key players in the creative use of waste thanks to an increased focus on building roads made...

Public works profile: Mardi Cuthbert

Award-winning female engineer Mardi Cuthbert has fought hard to rise to top of her profession. Now she’s helping aspiring young engineers do...

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