IPWEA CEO David Jenkins: Automated asset tracking technology saving time and money

The emergence of new technologies is changing the face of asset management in construction – and further adoption is crucial for increased productivity. 

Fleets lead the way on Electric Vehicle Adoption in Australia

Australia may be a world leader in many fields, but it trails the world in electric vehicle (EV) uptake. According to...

The Urgency of Controlling Light Pollution by Landon Bannister

Light pollution is defined as the inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light at night, and it is...

Opportunities and challenges for councils in the 5G roll-out

After a relatively slow start, the roll-out of 5G in Australia is gaining pace, with several major telecommunication companies competing to...
Image of an indoor swimming pool

Refurbishing Memorial Pools with Modular Technology

Modular stainless-steel technology is helping local councils save time and money in refurbishing many memorial pools...

The technology keeping track of assets to avoid loss and streamline fleets

Asset tracking has evolved rapidly in the past decade, in line with developing technologies that have underpinned the process.

City of Palmerston ‘Makes the Switch’ across its lighting network with the latest in...

The City of Palmerston, located just outside Darwin in the Northern Territory, is the first council in Australia to make the switch...

How smart technologies are revolutionising car parks

Smart parking solutions are being integrated into cities to save drivers time and money make it easier for organisation to capture data

Introduction to Automated Vehicles

IPWEA Australasia President Rita Excell was recently invited to present in an American Public Works Association webinar on Automated Vehicles.

Getting the balance right: 3000K v 4000K LED street lighting

There has been much debate internationally about whether new LED street lights with a colour temperature (CT) of 3000K (Kelvin) provide...

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