Uniform spatial datasets are key to smart urban planning

Planners developing spatial data platforms to advance its role in integrated urban planning.

Doubts remain about the safety of turning waste into energy

Are waste-to-energy plants a safe way to dispose of waste?

Infrastructure managers power up drones to save time and money

Once considered toys, drones are indispensable tools for infrastructure staff to manage assets.

China moves to improve biodiversity in its protected areas

The measures China is taking to help protect biodiversity in protected areas.

Technologies integrating natural surfaces transform stormwater runoff

Research shows conventional stormwater systems are less successful in managing water volume and pollution than a range of sustainable urban stormwater technologies.

Stormwater solutions cleaning up Sydney’s waterways

Targets for the continual improvement of local waterways in and around Sydney will see Sydney Water spend about $10.1 billion between now...

Five steps on the path to effective parks management

Municipal councils often have park space and infrastructure they can’t afford to maintain and keep in the long term. By prioritising service...

How smart technologies are revolutionising car parks

Smart parking solutions are being integrated into cities to save drivers time and money make it easier for organisation to capture data

Reading the warning signs in fleet management

Reading the warning signs and knowing when it’s time to take decisive action is crucial to ensure longevity and overall fleet health, says IPWEA

How the pandemic has put a spotlight on cycling infrastructure

Calls for more cycleways in the wake of COVID-19 - IPWEA

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