Reading the warning signs in fleet management

Reading the warning signs and knowing when it’s time to take decisive action is crucial to ensure longevity and overall fleet health, says IPWEA

What we can learn from the Miami building collapse

The unexplained collapse of a 12-storey Miami unit block has implications for apartment buildings around the world.   At 1.25am EDT on June 24, an apartment complex in Surfside, South...

Infrastructure Australia urges more government investment in roads

Roadworks should be at the top of the list for governments, says Infrastructure Australia’s prioritisation chief Robin Jackson

Why are we seeing more sinkholes across the globe?

Sinkholes can appear without warning, endangering people and property and posing a challenge for engineers, particularly in urban environments

Water security: How to avoid another Day Zero disaster in South Africa

Water security remains a crucial issue in South Africa despite a period of high rainfall, says a water security expert. Mike Muller, Visiting Adjunct Professor...

Fast-track rail procurement to aid jobs growth in hard-hit regions

Earlier, faster Inland Rail procurement approach a boon for regional jobs and Indigenous communities

Australian launch sites ready for lift off

The Australian space industry was largely restarted with the creation of the Australian Space Agency five years ago, with the goal of tripling the...

City of Darwin wins Smart City Achievement of the Year award

The City of Darwin’s myDarwin Support Local Program has won the Australian Achievement of the Year and the Smart City Achievement of the Year...

How the pandemic has put a spotlight on cycling infrastructure

Calls for more cycleways in the wake of COVID-19 - IPWEA

How organisations can ensure the safety of asset tracking software

The emergence of software, including apps, has made asset tracking easier and more accurate than ever. It has proven a boon to such industries...

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