How the pandemic has put a spotlight on cycling infrastructure

Calls for more cycleways in the wake of COVID-19 - IPWEA

How organisations can ensure the safety of asset tracking software

The emergence of software, including apps, has made asset tracking easier and more accurate than ever. It has proven a boon to such industries...

Uniform spatial datasets are key to smart urban planning

Planners developing spatial data platforms to advance its role in integrated urban planning.

How to better sort and reuse post-disaster waste

Around the world, natural disasters in the form of bushfires, earthquakes, storms, floods, cyclones and hurricanes cause billions of dollars of damage each year....

Lessons from Airport Safety Week 2020

COVID-19 safety measures for airport workers and customers top the agenda at Airport Safety Week 2020

Technologies integrating natural surfaces transform stormwater runoff

Research shows conventional stormwater systems are less successful in managing water volume and pollution than a range of sustainable urban stormwater technologies. Uncontrolled stormwater runoff...

Researchers develop next-gen concrete to reduce global emissions

Engineers at the University of Michigan (UM) are developing innovative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of cement and concrete. The second most used substance...

Climate change worsens rural Alaska’s bridge maintenance problem

Permafrost is melting in Alaska, the fastest warming state in the United States, putting the structural integrity of its bridges at risk. Bridge maintenance is...

New tools seek to mitigate global flood risk

Flood disasters devastate communities and cause long-lasting economic damage every year. In July 2021, extreme rainfall in Europe, the Chinese province of Henan, Maharashtra...

Cyclone Gabrielle. What can NZ teach and learn from other countries.

New Zealand spent around NZ$15 billion to rebuild from the Christchurch earthquake of 2011, and the early indications are that the financial cost of...

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