Stormwater solutions cleaning up Sydney’s waterways

Targets for the continual improvement of local waterways in and around Sydney will see Sydney Water spend about $10.1 billion between now and 2024....

Solar-cell technology breakthrough could make buildings a source of renewable power

Queensland University researchers have developed a new kind of solar cell that may lead to the development of a ‘next generation’ of flexible ‘skin-like’ solar arrays

Australian launch sites ready for lift off

The Australian space industry was largely restarted with the creation of the Australian Space Agency five years ago, with the goal of tripling the...

Overseas skilled workers needed, says road and rail bosses

The lack of skilled workers from overseas threatens the delivery of major transport infrastructure projects in Australia, warn two of the nation’s leading transport...

Five steps on the path to effective parks management

Municipal councils often have park space and infrastructure they can’t afford to maintain and keep in the long term. By prioritising service and appropriate...

Uniform spatial datasets are key to smart urban planning

Planners developing spatial data platforms to advance its role in integrated urban planning.

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