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Collaborating for Success: Transforming Innovative Fleet Ideas into an Impactful Partnership


By LBM Fleet, IPWEA FLEET Technology Partner

The Forestry Corporation of NSW (“Forestry Corporation”) is a state government owned enterprise based in West Pennant Hills that manages State forests across New South Wales. This includes two million acres of native and plantation forests generating renewable timber and home to a vast conservation network and award-winning tourist destinations and 60,000 km of public roads.

Forestry Corporation has over 650 moving fleet vehicles including fire-fighting units and employs contractors to conduct forestry operations.

How Fuel Tax Credits started it all

In 2017, Forestry Corporation needed a solution to streamline their Fuel Tax Credit (FTC) claims process, for the light vehicle, truck and fire tanker fleet.

LBM’s simple plug and play device was able to capture the relevant data required to make compliant refund claims with the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”). LBM was also the first to obtain a class ruling (which is legally binding advice) from the ATO in respect to the suitability of its reporting.

Forestry Corporation also recognised a need for a solution that could help them manage the safety of their drivers, particularly in remote areas. Forestry Corporation undertook a tender process, and LBM were appointed as the supplier, due to LBM’s willingness to adapt to the organisation’s needs, combined with the data-driven approach that complies with Australian Tax Office information standards.

In this case study, we will explore how Forestry Corporation partners with LBM to manage their fleet and improve safety.

Data and accuracy: Forestry’s Supplier Selection

The implementation of LBM devices in Forestry Corporation’s fleet sparked a need for more in-depth reporting in other areas.

Forestry Corporation needed a supplier that could not only track fuel consumption and provide accurate reports, but also manage reporting on the safety of their fleet.

A public tender process for a reliable and fit for purpose solution was carried out and LBM Fleet was awarded as the preferred supplier.

From supplier to partner: Forestry Corporation and LBM’s innovation journey

The supplier relationship between LBM and Forestry Corporation quickly morphed into a partnership, with both sides working closely to deliver on Forestry Corporation’s priorities.

Forestry Corporation has always been a safety focused organisation and implementing LBM’s Safety Score, allowed drivers to understand how they were performing

and develop of culture of continual improvement.

Forestry Corporation and LBM’s partnership was strengthened by LBM’s speed to market, and likewise, Forestry Corporation’s quick-to-adopt attitude. The level of interaction and collaboration between LBM and Forestry Corporation’s broader team enhanced the experience and solidity of the partnership.

Getting a head start, with pre-start checks

For Forestry Corporation, preventative maintenance is a priority, so they don’t have vehicles off road without notice. LBM has digitised the pre-start check system, enabling more frequent checks and real time workflows.

This tool sends vital fleet and driver information straight to managers. Forestry Corporation worked closely with LBM to develop this feature, discussing their needs and trialling it with their ‘champions’ for input.

Pre-start checks provide Forestry Corporation with increased visibility and confidence. Unlike hardcopy, digitalised information can be accessed remotely. If an incident does occur, pre-start check information can be provided quickly to help understand the context. Executives and managers also have full visibility over the pre-start check data and reports.

Keeping the focus on safety

Driver culture and attitudes have positively improved at Forestry Corporation since the roll out of LBM. Drivers now monitor their safety scores (speeding, hard cornering, hard breaking) and strive to drive safely which is reflected in improvements to their score.

As a result of the improved driver safety culture, Forestry Corporation has seen a reduction in safety events triggered across their fleet.

Right size fleet

As well as increasing safety, LBM has also supported Forestry Corporation’s utilisation of fleet assets. Using the data collected to constantly monitor and optimise their vehicles, Forestry Corporation are continuously working towards complete fleet optimisation.

Forestry five years ago vs. Forestry now

Forestry Corporation has continued to foster a culture of continuous improvement and the LBM platform has helped engage everyone from an operator in the field, team leaders, managers and senior management on a common goal.

LBM is continuing to work closely with Forestry Corporation in planning for the future. Their partnership allows them to work together towards the next phase of their fleet journey. Continuing to improve vehicle utilisation, overall fleet optimisation and working to develop new innovative solutions will continue to be a high priority.

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