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Ever feel like your fleet is managing you?


You want to focus on fleet strategy – the tasks that create value and put your fleet ahead of the curve. But inevitably you end up spending your precious time playing travel agent, managing fleet bookings, or chasing vehicle keys that have gone AWOL.

To get ahead of the curve, you need a well-oiled machine. Time after time organisations make the mistake of thinking their fleet is highly utilised when the data tells a completely different story – vehicle utilisation barely breaking 20%. If your fleet falls into this camp, chances are you’re leaving serious money on the table. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be this way.

Fleet automation that gives you room to breathe

Smartrak’s PoolCar gives Fleet Managers the toolkit to automate fleet bookings. It provides a seamless user experience, so employees won’t hassle you or your team when they need to book a vehicle. Dedicated Ios and Android apps mean anyone in your organisation can book any vehicle they’re authorised to use, on the fly.

More importantly, PoolCar frees you from the shackles of your daily schedule. No more wasting time playing travel agent, juggling bookings in a shared Outlook calendar or Microsoft Excel. You’ll quickly realise you’ll have the bandwidth to focus on fleet strategy.

It gets better. Smartrak’s KeyMaster cabinets offer additional control and peace of mind around fleet access. By combining KeyMaster cabinets with PoolCar, you provide a foolproof process for key check-in and check-out. This saves everyone time, especially the person tasked with handing out keys and chasing them after a booking has finished.

KeyMaster also eliminates loopholes around vehicle access and increases vehicle security. You can rest easy knowing that employees won’t accidentally take mission critical vehicles or take them on overnight adventures. Say goodbye to instances of employees hogging vehicles and playing dumb when asked about the location of keys. Say goodbye to double bookings and the frustration of being delayed.

Start making informed decisions

Smartrak’s PoolCar and KeyMaster deliver the clarity that only comes with data. Instead of guessing, you’ll know exactly how big your fleet should be to meet even the most hectic work schedules. Start making informed decisions about the makeup of your fleet and join our customers who routinely reduce their fleet size by up to 10%. Knowledge is power, after all.

Your fleet. Your keys. Secured.

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