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Hino Sponsored Article: IPWEA Australasian Fleet Conference


There are many challenges facing businesses and fleets in the  logistics industry at the moment – supply chain restrictions, rising business costs, driver shortages and meeting new targets for environmental standards, just to name a few.

At Hino, we are working towards a more sustainable global environment by reducing C02 emissions in the lifecycle of our vehicles and taking sustainable measures, which includes reducing the CO2 emissions of our vehicles by 90% but it’s not ‘one vehicle fits all’ approach.

Which is why Hino continues to evolve existing technologies and the development of next-generation products including lower emission diesel, hybrids, battery electric and fuel cell vehicles.

The question remains, what can fleets do now to reduce their CO2 emissions, and also reduce operating costs?

The stepping stone is the Hino 300 Series Hybrid Electric light-duty range – it is a strong solution for many fleets, and one that will reduce a fleet’s CO2 emissions from day one with no range limitation or recharging requirements.

With over 700 Hybrid Electric trucks on the Australian roads, Hino has led the way with lower-emission trucks for over 15 years.  Our Hybrid Electric range is driven by Toyota Group technology that is proven in nearly 20 million hybrid vehicles worldwide.

Compared to an equivalent diesel truck, a 300 Series Hybrid Electric significantly reduces customers’ fuel costs. Real-world trials comparing the proven Hino Hybrid Electric truck against a traditional diesel equivalent revealed a 22% reduction in fuel use and CO2 emissions. Greater savings are achievable depending on the application of the vehicle and how it is driven.

Hybrid customers can also reduce yearly maintenance costs by up to 16% per annum.

The CO2 savings are substantial too – approximately 4 tonnes per year and 21 tonnes over a 5 year period.

If a customer purchases outright, the reduced maintenance costs and fuel costs offset the price difference and produce a payback within 4.2 years.

Such is the interest in Hybrid Electric that we recently expanded our range to include Built to Go products, meaning customers have a high-quality, cost-effective and versatile drive-away solution that reduces business costs from day one.

For over 15 years, Australia’s only Hybrid Electric truck has delivered savings to Hino customers. With rising fuel prices and increasing interest rates, these savings have never been more important.

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