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Sponsored Article: Welcome To The AMA Group: Australia’s Largest Collision Repair Solution Network


By AMA Group

Get the job done with total peace of mind – one network for all your fleet collision repair needs.

The AMA Group network offers a wide range of repair services: from rapid repair of small to medium damage, to heavy damage; from prestige vehicles to trucks, buses, trailers and earthmovers.

AMA Group is Australia’s largest collision repair group — a truly national network of more than 150 sites. Our integrated network, supported by Australia’s leading distributor of vehicle parts and accessories, means fleet customers can minimise their cost of vehicle repairs, maximise vehicle availability, extend the life of vehicles, and reduce environmental impacts.

We support fleets of all sizes and vehicle models, with multi-skilled technicians across the country. Our experienced teams are backed by up-to-date technology and training from manufacturers in the latest construction and repair methods.

Here is some research showing how we can save on repair costs for fleets of all sizes.


As an AMA Group fleet customer, you will be supported with dedicated account management across our entire network of repair centres. Having a central point of contact will ensure that quotations, invoicing, and customer service can be managed at one point, giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle won’t just be back on the road sooner, but there won’t be issues to burden you after the repairs are complete.

Our network is supported by our own vehicle salvaging and dismantling facilities across the country, giving our customers fast access to quality reclaimed parts to help reduce repair costs.

Working closely with fleet managers to ensure the network has your fleet vehicles’ spare parts in stock mitigates delays and disruption from overseas supply chains, ensuring high-quality parts are available whenever you need them. Reclaiming auto parts for re-use, then recycling the steel and aluminium left over, reduces our carbon footprint by 130,000 tons per year.

AMA Group repair centres provide a comprehensive range of repair services to keep your fleet in operation. From repairing panels and bumpers and respraying vehicles to replacing an axle or driveshaft or complete engines and chassis realignments — our expert technicians are equipped for any requirement. Our repair centres use manufacturer-standard diagnostic equipment so that you don’t need to use franchised dealers, which lowers your costs. Our technicians always refer to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) repair and maintenance documents, so your vehicles are maintained to the highest standard.

With a national network there’s always an AMA Group repair centre near you and with capabilities to handle vehicles of all types.

• Australia’s biggest repair network
• More than 3,500 skilled technicians
• True national coverage for all makes and models
• Utilisation of industry standard OEM repair methods
• Industry leading software
• Single point account management and invoicing
• Comprehensive warranties


If you need assistance keeping your fleet on the road, please reach out to our central fleet operations team and we can match you to a repair centre closest to you

1300 AMA GROUP (1300 262 476)

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