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Sydney Light Rail implements IoT system for flood detection


Sydney Light Rail (SLR) operator Transdev Sydney and its partners have implemented a flood detection system designed to protect the infrastructure and minimise service disruptions.

Working with Alstom, the maintenance contractor for SLR, Transdev has introduced the Kallipr Rail Pit Monitoring kit, an IoT solution designed for proactive water level monitoring within rail pits.

The chosen solution is based around Kallipr’s Captis Pulse Lite, a durable device capable of withstanding submersion and transmitting crucial data.

This is complemented by bespoke mounting brackets for optimal installation, adjustable float level switches for accurate water level detection, device-level alarms for immediate flood notification, and an external antenna designed to ensure reliable data transmission even in challenging environments.

Transdev Sydney claims the strategic placement of these units in critical flood-prone areas allows for the timely dispatch of crews to manage potential issues before they escalate, ensuring smoother operation and enhanced safety.

Flooding has been a persistent challenge for Sydney Light Rail and has regularly impacted at various sites. The prolonged submersion of critical tram infrastructure has often led to costly and labour intensive replacements.

On some occasions in recent years, Light Rail services between key points in the city have experienced major disruption due to flash flooding, prompting the use of replacement bus services which have taken some time to activate.

Passengers have suffered the inconvenience and have had to allow extra time for their journeys and listen to announcements and check indicator boards.

On one occasion, flooding forced passengers to evacuate the tram in Moore Park, east of the CBD, and walk single file through a tunnel and onto flooded parkland.

“Ensuring our customers can depend on a reliable light rail service rain, hail or shine is at the heart of our commitment,” said Arsene Durand-Raucher, managing director, Transdev Sydney.

“This project exemplifies the growing importance of IoT in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of rail networks, showcasing a proactive stance against environmental challenges.”

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