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Why IPWEA is building education pathways in Asset Management


Local government is at the frontline when it comes to delivering and maintaining community assets and services. If you look closely in the background, these have been painstakingly developed by hard-working public works engineers.

Behind the scenes, engineers are an integral part of the team ­– prioritising projects, scoping jobs, designing new blueprints and working with private contracts to deliver projects on budget, without cost blowouts.

It’s not easy, by any stretch. Infrastructure projects are by nature extremely complex and require highly trained engineers to be involved from planning to delivery. As a result, demand for public infrastructure assets is rising.

In fact, as systems and processes evolve, the task for engineers will become increasingly complicated. It’s also widely acknowledged that one of the largest single issues preventing effective infrastructure investment is the lack of adequate engineering capacity.

This is why IPWEA is providing members with the knowledge they need to get the job done via a range of professional development options. These include clear pathways at various career stages.

As part of our new strategy to build more value into membership, IPWEA is building a new education pathway for its members to better work in all facets of Asset Management. 

These carefully constructed pathways acknowledge that the capabilities engineers need in order to deliver major local government projects can take years to foster. Each pathway has been built with the belief that the role engineers play in the nation’s economic fortunes should not be underestimated. We believe there’s a very real need for better infrastructure investment and planning across Australia.

IPWEA has a long and proud history of supporting public works engineers. We’re focused on delivering further value by helping public works and asset management professionals develop their careers through lifelong learning.

IPWEA Australasia is building an Education Pathway to meet the current and future needs of the asset and infrastructure focused public works professional. The IPWEA Education Pathway supports your career development as an asset custodian, building your capability with practical learning opportunities, underpinned by our world best practice publications such as the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) and the International Infrastructure Financial Management Manual (IIFMM). You can choose to undertake one course or complete the pathway with a view to achieving an internationally recognised designation.

David Jenkins, CEO IPWEA Australasia

Our new three-year strategy will deliver a comprehensive educational pathway with an emphasis on driving greater value in membership, while promoting professionalism, education and knowledge.

IPWEA is actively encouraging people into a career of public works and asset management engineering. We want to ensure there are enough skilled engineers entering the industry to work in these important roles in future decades. 

We already take an advocacy approach on behalf of members, bringing a much-needed voice to the Federal Government, so members are represented and have an important voice at the top tier of government. IPWEA also takes a leadership role in areas of emerging technology, which has been generating strong interest in membership from younger generations. We’re also strong advocates of diversity and inclusion – we want our members to feel included, regardless of their background.

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