Opinion: Why better asset management matters

Quality asset management gives organisations the chance to enjoy financial success

Managing public infrastructure assets: trends and predictions for 2021

Global experts IFME President John Thomson and Secretary-General Chris Champion offer their thoughts on the future of asset management.

20 trending topics in civil engineering for a post-COVID world

Emerging education, leadership, disruption, asset management and waste trends in the public works sector.

Why it’s important to have good asset and financial management planning

An asset management plan is important for communication and transparency in an organisation’s decision-making, says IPWEA's Allen Mapstone

The Times They Are A Changin’

When Bob Dylan wrote this iconic song of a generation (or two) ago there is little doubt he was NOT thinking about benchmarking, performance...

It’s time for asset management to be considered a profession in its own right:...

Asset management has long been an area that engineers, accountants and other professionals stumble into, rather than a clearly defined vocation that young people...

Why asset management is the key to addressing the effects of climate change

Traditional asset management must adapt to climate resilience in order to reduce the impact of natural disasters.

Why investing in critical infrastructure builds resilience and aids disaster recovery

Creating critical infrastructure resilience for disaster recovery – IPWEA

How a regional council pursues ‘best practice’ in asset management

Lance Scriven from Dubbo Regional Council explains how to bridge infrastructure and finance in asset management

Why IPWEA’s IIMM e-book is faster, easier and more efficient

IPWEA has launched its globally acclaimed International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) in a comprehensive online program. The IIMM E-Book provides members with an easier,...

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