How road surfaces can help cut heat and greenhouse gas emissions

Choosing the right kind of road surface significantly reduces air temperatures and helps cut greenhouse gas emissions, a study has found. Researchers at the Massachusetts...

Why is the global supply chain in crisis?

Logjams at ports, soaring petrol prices, product shortages, parcels taking weeks to arrive ... Welcome to the 2021 global supply chain crisis. Dr Roberto Perez-Franco...

Why are we seeing more sinkholes across the globe?

Sinkholes can appear without warning, endangering people and property and posing a challenge for engineers, particularly in urban environments

Royal Mint announces pioneering pilot to recycle precious metals

In a world first, the Royal Mint in the UK has announced a partnership with Canadian startup Excir to retrieve and recycle gold and...

What ancient cities can teach us about surviving climate change

A new study examining the fate of ancient Khmer and Mayan cities that collapsed in periods of intense climate variability warns that cities must...

Lessons from Airport Safety Week 2020

COVID-19 safety measures for airport workers and customers top the agenda at Airport Safety Week 2020

How smart technologies are revolutionising car parks

Smart parking solutions are being integrated into cities to save drivers time and money make it easier for organisation to capture data

China’s global infrastructure push puts nature and Indigenous communities at risk

More than 60 per cent of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) development projects present some risk to wildlife or Indigenous communities, according to...

Electric vehicle wireless-charging technology sparks moves in US and New Zealand

Michigan is set to develop the first wireless-charging pilot program in the US. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has announced a plan to develop and...

Stormwater solutions cleaning up Sydney’s waterways

Targets for the continual improvement of local waterways in and around Sydney will see Sydney Water spend about $10.1 billion between now and 2024....

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