Advanced recycling plan signals another path towards reducing soft plastics waste

A consortium of companies has taken the first step in developing a sustainable soft plastics recycling industry in Australia. Coles, Nestlé, technology developer Licella,...

Robots revolutionizing agriculture

British farmers are struggling with a labour shortage and the gap is beginning to be filled by a new generation of robots built specifically...

Global communities rewarded for being smart and sustainable

Eight locations in Canada and four in Australia have been named SMART21 Communities of 2021 by the global Intelligent Community Forum

Fleet management market set to double

At the beginning of the decade the global fleet management market was valued at US$19.4 billion and is forecast to more than double to...

What we can learn from the Miami building collapse

The unexplained collapse of a 12-storey Miami unit block has implications for apartment buildings around the world.   At 1.25am EDT on June 24, an apartment complex in Surfside, South...

Western Sydney Airport construction on track despite pandemic

Construction of the new Western Sydney Airport remains on track with the massive major earthworks stage well underway

How smart technologies are revolutionising car parks

Smart parking solutions are being integrated into cities to save drivers time and money make it easier for organisation to capture data

Why is the global supply chain in crisis?

Logjams at ports, soaring petrol prices, product shortages, parcels taking weeks to arrive ... Welcome to the 2021 global supply chain crisis. Dr Roberto Perez-Franco...

Woolworths aims to be ‘emissions positive’ by 2050

Big business is increasingly aware that its customers demand meaningful action on climate change. Woolworths has answered the call with plans to power all...

World-first bushfire hazard detection system aiming to save lives, property and environment

The University of Queensland and Google have launched a new partnership to develop a world-first bushfire hazard detection system that issues warnings in real-time. The...

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