Reading the warning signs in fleet management

Reading the warning signs and knowing when it’s time to take decisive action is crucial to ensure longevity and overall fleet health, says IPWEA

How the pandemic has put a spotlight on cycling infrastructure

Calls for more cycleways in the wake of COVID-19 - IPWEA

Why seawalls remain a key defence for coastal communities

Why seawalls remain a key defence for coastal communities

The role of green infrastructure in bolstering resilience in our cities

Green infrastructure investment helps cities survive shocks, improves quality of life and creates jobs, says leading UNSW academic Dr Mike Harris

Lessons from Airport Safety Week 2020

COVID-19 safety measures for airport workers and customers top the agenda at Airport Safety Week 2020

Local governments preparing for higher flood risks

Local governments across Australia will be putting flood mitigation plans in place in the event of severe weather over the coming months

Infrastructure Australia urges more government investment in roads

Roadworks should be at the top of the list for governments, says Infrastructure Australia’s prioritisation chief Robin Jackson

Slope Stability Radar system detects dam or mine collapses, saving lives and revenue

GroundProbe’s Slope Stability Radar for greater mine safety

Solar-cell technology breakthrough could make buildings a source of renewable power

Queensland University researchers have developed a new kind of solar cell that may lead to the development of a ‘next generation’ of flexible ‘skin-like’ solar arrays

Roads and bridges funding to bring productivity boost for local communities

While the effects of Australia’s economic downturn are being felt by businesses and communities, municipalities have been given much-needed funding for infrastructure upgrades that...

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